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PDF Title: Practice Makes Perfect : complete french all-in-one
Total Page: 657 Pages
Author: Annie Heminway
PDF Size: 4.4 MB
Language: English
PDF Link: Available

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The purpose of the following excerpts, some exemplifying the quintessential, breathtaking virtuosity of French writing, is to move you profoundly, perhaps even spark a desire to look for the works quoted, and let you embark on a pilgrimage throughout the infinitely rich world of French literature. What sets French writers apart is their extraordinary ability to attain a unique balance of intellectual depth and technical virtuosity. Furthermore, they are never intimidated by metaphysical challenges.

A case in point is the mysterious being of time, which writers literally conjure up, particularly in prose, knowing that the many modalities of time add contrapuntal richness, texture, and depth to any narrative. While the past, for example, maybe as incomprehensible as time itself, language—and particularly the French language—provides some keys, grammatical tenses, which enable us to differentiate, rationally and at a visceral level, between the various ways a person or an event can exist in the past.

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