Essay on Indian Farmer for Students and Children in English

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Eassy on and Indian Farmer

Introduction: India is a land of fields and farms. Most of the Indians live near their fields in villages. They depend upon fields for their bread and butter. They plough the fields and grow.crops. They are known as farmers. They lead a simple life. Their way of life is innocent and harmless. The evils of modern life do not go near them. They live in the lap of nature.

indian farmer eassy

Leads Hard Life-Daily Routine

An Indian farmer has to work very hard. He gets up early in the morning and feeds his bullocks. Then he goes to his field with his plough and oxen. There he ploughs his fields. His wife brings his food for him. After eating it, he is again busy in ploughing. Thus he works throughout the day. Then he sows the seeds and waters the fields. Whether it is rain or sunshine he remains busy.

Food Giver to All

The Indian farmer is the food-giver to all. But he himself is generally very poor. He eats very simple food and wears rough clothes. He  supplies his best things to the towns and cities. His life is hard and dull: He gets some comfort and happiness only at the time of festivals and marriages.

Uses Old Methods

The Indian farmer still uses old methods of farming but gradually he is taking to new methods. Now the government is also helping him. It is teaching him ways to get good crops with the help of machines. It is giving him loans, seeds, manure and good tools. His condition is improving.


 India is mainly an agricultural country. So let us hope the government will pay more attention towards his problems so that India of Gandhiji’s dreams may become a reality.

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