Essay on My Favourite Book for Students and Children in english

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essays on My Favourite Book

essays on My Favourite Book in english

Introduction: Reading books is my hobby. It gives me great pleasure. I have read many books. But, the Ramcharit Manas is my favourite book. I like to read it again and again.


Goswami Tulsidas wrote it. But it is popularly called the Ramayana. Dashratha was a famous king of Ayodhya. Rama was his eldest son. He was sent to forest for fourteen years at the whim of Queen Kaikeyi, his stepmother. Rama went to forest with his wife Sita and his younger brother Laxmana. In the forest Sita was carried off forcibly by Ravana, the king of Lanka. So Rama invaded Lanka. After a fierce battle Ravana was killed and Rama got Sita back. Then Rama returned to Ayodhya.

Chief attraction of the book:

Characterization is the chief attraction of the book. Rama was very brave, noble, kind-hearted, courageous, wise and obedient. In obedience to his father’s order he left Ayodhya. Laxmana was a faithful brother. He also left Ayodhya to be helpful to his elder brother.
Sita was an ideal wife. Bharata had no greed for kingdom. He did not want to sit on Ayodhya’s throne. He refused to sit on it when the throne was offered to him. King Dashratha was a man of words. Rama was dearer to him more than his own life, but being bound by promised he exiled him.

Reasons of my liking:

I like the book very much. Its language is simple and musical. It is full of wisdom. It is a storehouse of ideals worthy to be followed. Before us it presents a picture of an ideal society. It points out that the evil is punished and the good prevails in the end.


On account of these qualities, the Ramacharit Manas is the most popular book in India. It is widely read with devotion. Vir Savarkar said, “India will not perish so long as the Ganga flows and the Ramayana is read.”

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