Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children in english

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Essay on My Hobby for Students

Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children in english

Introduction: Hobby means a favourite pastime to get pleasure. It is a work that we do voluntarily. It is an interesting work in our leisure. It is a thing we like to do for the sake of enjoyment.

Different Hobbies:

There are several kinds of hobbies. Some people like to collect old coins or stamps. Some are fond of collecting books. Other hobbies are music, playing cards or chess. Some are fond of hunting and photography.


Hobbies are necessary for our all round development. They are important as they make our leisure interesting and full of amusement. When we are tired of our work, we get refreshed with hobbies. Hobbies does not let our life get monotonous. It affords mental peace. Thus the importance of hobbies cannot be denied,

My Choice:

Photography is my hobby. From my personal experience I can say that there is hardly any hobby as interesting and useful as photography. It trains the mind as well as the eyes. It makes me smart, neat and careful. It develops taste for beauty. John Keats has said, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” How correct Keats is! I keep an album with me. I preserve a collection of photographs in it. During summer vacation I go to hills where I enjoy nature. My album is a rich treasure of all photos. In my vacant hours, I get pleasure by turning over the pages of my album.


We should remember that all work and no recreation makes us dull.Having spent a lot of time in doing the work of the same type we long a change. The change is supplied by hobbies. The only defect of my hobby is its being expensive. I have to spend a lot of money on films.

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