333 words short essay on Science and Human Happiness

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Eassy on Science and Human Happiness

essay on Science and Human Happiness

Introduction: It is the age of science. Science has done much for us. It has made rapid progress in the modern age. It has shortened distances. It has changed our ways of living and thinking. Today the world is not what it was fifty years ago. It has made our life full of comfort and happiness.

Human Happiness:

Science has greatly increased human happiness. It has given us electricity which is very useful in our daily life. It does a lot of useful works and serves us in many ways.

Sources of Transport and Communication:

Science has curtailed space and time. It has made travelling very comfortable. Invention of train, bus, car and plane is a boon for us. Mobile phones and internet are a source of communication and ease. Radio, transistor and television are a source of recreation. They give us current news of the world. They. enhance our knowledge.

Invention of Machines:

Machines have saved us from unnecessary toil. They have saved our time and energy. They do all kinds of work for us. The work that was used to be done by hand in the past, is now being done by machines. Agriculture has undergone
a radical change.

Medical Field:

Scientists have lessened human pain and misery by inventing X-rays, radium, sulpha drugs and plastic surgery. There is hardly any disease for which effective drug has not been found out. It is no longer necessary to suffer the pangs of diseases for
a very long time.


Thus it is now clear that wonderful and effective inventions in medicine and surgery have made human life healthier and happier than before. Inventions in the field of transport and communication have helped mankind a lot. So Mr. A.K. Smith writes, “In the sky above, on the earth below and down to the ocean has gone the triumphant car of science.”

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