Science Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master Essay

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essays on Science Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master

Science Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master on Essay

Introduction: Science is a friend or a blessing when we use it wisely but science is an enemy or a curse if it is used foolishly. So it all depends on its use. Prof. C.E.M. Joad has written, “Science has given us powers fit for the gods, yet we use them like small children.”

escription-Advantages:As a Friend:

Science has changed the face of our world. It has made our life full of comfort and happiness. Scientific inventions like electricity, computers, sattellites, X-rays, radium, plastic surgery, cellular phones, photography and machines have proved to be very useful. They have given much comfort, ease and convenience.

(a) Electricity: Electricity is one of the invaluable gifts of science. It has been proved to be a boon in the modern world. It has saved us from unnecessary hard work. It gives us light. It keeps our rooms warm. It moves our fans. It boils water for us. A crane lifts up heavy weight easily,

(b) Machines: Machines are our extra limbs. They weave cloths for us. Production of goods are quick and cheap. We can fly like birds. We can cross the sea like fish. Computers and calculators do the work of accountants and clerks. Guns and firearms save our lives in danger. Radio and television give us joy.

(c) Medicines: In the medical field new drugs have been invented. They save our lives. Sometimes a single dose of a drug ends our pain. A weeping child begins to smile.

As an Enemy:

There is also a dark side of the picture. With the help of science, man has made atom bombs. In the race of progress, we have done much harm to environment. In this way, science is leading mankind to its destruction.


The proper use of scientific inventions is really a boon, while its wrong use is a curse. This is why Prof. Hardy wrote, “Science is an angel in peace but devil in war.”

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