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 Fun With A Pencil ” Andrew Loomis

PDF Title: Fun With A Pencil
Total Page: 122 Pages
Author: Andrew Loomis
PDF Size: 11.0 MB
Language: English
PDF Link: Available

Fun With A Pencil : How Everybody Can Easily Learn To Draw –PDF description

Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amongst artists – including comics superstar Alex Ross – for his mastery of  drawing. His first book, Fun With a Pencil, published in 1939 is a wonderfully crafted and engaging introduction to drawing, cartooning, and capturing the essence of a subject all while having fun. With delightful step-by-step instruction from Professor Blook, Loomis’s charming alter ego on the page.

Unless one has a sound method of building, foreshortening is very difficult. In the figure at the right, the parts resemble the Doohinkus photos. If you think of the figure as sections fitted together, foreshortening takes fully as we built the head in Part One.

Think of solids Below, we obtain foreshortening by projecting a profile into a front view, or the reverse, as we did with the head. Establish the desired tilt and position of the parts, then by parallel lines build the other position of the figure so that all-important points coincide.

When the figure is close, increase the parts that are closest and diminish the parts that are away from you. I did not do this, fearing it might confuse you. I personally prefer the method at the top, using the eye, but often a difficult problem can be worked out easily this way, and it is well to know-how.

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