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Trading Tools and Tactics : reading the mind of the market PDF Deatils

Trading Tools and Tactics : reading the mind of the market

PDF Title: Trading Tools and Tactics : reading the mind of the market
Total Page: 330 Pages
Author: Greg Capra
PDF Size: 24.1 MB
Language: English
PDF Link: Available

Trading Tools and Tactics : reading the mind of the market – PDF description

Practical trading advice fromthe father of trading education

“Right from the start, Capra hits the nail on the head when he says that the markets are not subjective. ‘The market is not a matter of opinion, ‘ he states definitively. Trading Tools and Tactics debunks following the latest guru in the marketplace and using fundamental analysis to make trading decisions. It then explains how you fall into these traps and how to avoid them. This book is a well-written, interesting read that continually reinforces the importance of objectivity in trading the markets. The thing that I like best about this book is that Capra is forthright and uncannily accurate in his analysis.”–SUNNY J. HARRIS, author of TradeStation Made Easy!

“In Greg Capra’s new book, Trading Tools and Tactics, he lays out the requirements for knowing what is important to a winning strategy and makes it understandable to a person just starting their career. The seasoned trader will also find value in his book because it clarifies where a trader can improve his technique. Greg guides you with simple language to demystify the everyday buzzwords of the trading language. These understandings will give a trader confidence by having logic behind their theory for why their strategy will produce profits. Over the years, I have worked with Pristine traders on building their success with the psychology of trading and found them to be some of the best trained traders in the industry.”–ADRIENNE TOGHRAIE, founder of

Front Cover Glimpse

Most instructional texts on investment training present complicated concepts and indicators that look great on paper but are difficult to put into practice in the real world. As the founder and CEO of the leading online trading education program in the country, Greg Capra understands exactly what you need to know in order to maximize your chances of success in the trading market, and Trading Tools and Tactics: Reading the Mind of the Market presents this information in a concise, accessible manner that will get you up to speed right away.

Trading Tools and Tactics doesn’t just make investing look easy; it actually makes trading more simple by teaching you how to identify price moves as well as the conceptual foundations that explain why prices move the way they do. Understanding support, resistance, and volume, and then identifying the best times to trade are the essential elements of investment success. Price movement and level are the only truths in the markets, and this book teaches you how to interpret what the prices are telling you.

From concept to practical execution, this book covers everything from setting entries, stops, and managing trades, to knowing how to read others’ mistakes and turn them into profits. New and experienced traders alike will find invaluable information on how to accurately identify trends, candle patterns, support and resistance, and other events that can be put to good use by following a few simple steps.

About the Author

Oliver Velez and Greg Capra (White Plains, NY) are co-founders of Pristine Capital Management, Inc., and They are among the electronic trading industry s most sought-after speakers.

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